Sat. March 25th 1-3 pm

As many of his fans know, Hollywood composer Ron Jones has written music for the very popular FOX animated series “Family Guy.” Now, Ron is presenting a masterclass emphasizing the techniques involved in overseeing such an operation. The process of scoring for a major studio teach a few very important lessons. How do you manage your time? Who should you bring in to help? How do you get the job done and not totally exhaust yourself? How do you break down the creative and productive aspects as well as remain Human?

The goal of this masterclass is to reveal how each person can learn to excel under great stress and pressure. Each recording session Mr. Jones conducted at the Fox scoring stage was a total joy because he had developed a system to fall back upon. It is no surprise that music for a globally televised show must be delivered without overtime and without errors, and it was because of this system that allowed Mr. Jones to manage the pressures and joys of orchestrating a show as widely watched as Family Guy.

This will be a good opportunity to hang out and meet composers, musicians and creative people. “That is far more important that any presentation,” says Ron. “People in a room sharing stuff, that is vital. Take care and I hope you can join us.”

This Masterclass is limited to the first 50 that RSVP! Please sign up today!

To RSVP please contact Ron at:

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